Below you will find some helpful publications and articles related to Medicare.  If you're looking for a publication not listed here please call us and we'll send it to you via email, or you can find it on

Dental Discount Plans Beat Insurance
Medicare does not cover dental care with few exceptions. Dental insurance is expensive and has waiting periods for major services and annual limits. One good alternative is dental discount plans. This Forbes article explains why discount plans beat insurance.
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Medicare & You 2022
The Official U.S. Government Medicare Handbook
Go to for an eReader or Kindle version of this publication.
Medicare and You 2022.pdf
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Choosing a Medigap Policy 2022
This guide helps people with Medicare understand “Medicare Supplement Insurance” policies (also called Medigap policies).
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High Income Adjustment Guidelines for Medicare Premiums

If your Modified Adjusted Gross Income is over $91K for individual tax filers or $182 for joint filers, you'll pay more for Medicare Parts B and D. To find out how much more, look on the Social Security Administration website for more information: