Medicare's Annual Enrollment Period is here!


Other types of Medicare plans may be changed more than once per year, but this is your only chance--barring any special circumstances--to enroll in a drug plan for 2023.


If you have a Medicare Part D drug plan it will renew automatically if you take no action.  If you do want to make a drug plan change, please contact us.


Keep in mind that the Dec. 7 deadline only affects drug plans for those already on Medicare and Medicare Advantage enrollments for those who do not already have one.  Those who already have a Medicare Advantage plan have another enrollment season from Jan. 1 to Mar. 31. Medicare supplement plans do not have an annual enrollment season; they may be changed at any time.


If you are new to Medicare because you are turning 65, or are older than 65 and leaving employer group health coverage, you do not have a December 7 deadline.  Your deadline varies based on your birth month or date your employer drug coverage ends.  Please contact us for details on Initial Election and Special Election periods.