Medicare's Annual Enrollment Period is here!


Other types of Medicare plans may be changed more than once per year, but this is your only chance--barring any special circumstances--to enroll in a drug plan for 2021.


Your deadline to enroll is Dec 7.  We have a staff of agents ready to help you determine which drug plan will have the lowest annual cost for your drugs.  This is a service we provide to our Medicare supplement customers.  If you're not one yet, we're happy to help you with that, too.


For the 2021 plan year we have a new system to assist our clients in choosing a drug plan.  For the first time we have a program that allows your agent and you to be at separate computers and discuss drug plans together so you can see and understand the cost and coverage of for your drugs.


Part D coverage is complicated.  The plans change every year, so the right plan for you this year could be a terrible plan next year, even if your drugs haven't changed.  It is important to review your drug plan every year.


If you would like assistance in researching 2021 drug plans please call the office nearest you or contact us by email at